Bluepoint Construction Southeast is a professional general contracting company registered in the state of GA since 2012.  Formed out of a belief in reputation, integrity, and responsibility, BPC brings these simple values to its clients and projects.  BPC is deliberately structured to be nimble, flexible and client-centered for success on all commercial and residential projects.  


Value & Vision

Bluepoint Construction provides value to our clients through our tried and true approach to developing and maintaining excellent relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors. We do this by consistently communicating expectations for quality, meeting obligations promptly and fairly, and enhancing relationships with suppliers and subcontractors who share our vision and meet our requirements. We are known by our suppliers and subcontractors as an honest but demanding, firm but fair, economical but amiable general contractor.

Lasting Relationships

Deliberately structured to be nimble, flexible and client-centered. Our purpose is to deliver your project to your full and complete satisfaction on time and within budget while establishing a lasting partnership with you for future endeavors.

Commitment to Safety

BPC believes that “TOTAL SAFETY,” a program that integrates accident prevention into all activities of the company, is essential. BPC creates an attitude of safety consciousness in management, supervision, subcontractors, and workers at all times.

Attention to Details

From The First Drawing To The Final Walkthrough, BPC Provides Premier Quality, Durability, Reliability, And Efficiency That Withstand The Test Of Time. Our Professionalism Not Only Shows In The Minute Fixtures But Also In The Decades That Pass As Generations Enjoy The Team’s Handiwork

Viable, Sustainable Building Solutions

As An Environmentally Responsible Builder, We Take A Proactive Approach To Minimizing The Environmental Effects Of Our Day-To-Day Activities And Behavior. Using Pre-Emptive Planning Defines And Achieves Waste Elimination Goals Through Simple, Yet Effective Activities, Resulting In Documentable Results.

Frayer & Judge

In 2014, Ed Frayer & JC Judge joined forces, merging years of experience together, to offer clients valuable solutions to general contracting needs. To learn more about Frayer & Judge click here.